8 thoughts on “A Challenge met”

  1. GOOD JOB SHANNON!!!! We saw it just the other day..it must be new? I saw it but Mike missed it and he was too tired to circle around the block. ON the same street I keep waiting for the new “diorama” to go up out front…one year it looked like the Spanish Aramada, last year it was a tiny frontier village.(It’s just a few houses down I think) Hope you got a good rest!! You were missed.

  2. Welcome back, Shannon ! I missed you. My husband and I are looking forward to a week visiting Port Townsend, Sequim, Port Angeles, etc. in early June. . . can’t wait !!

  3. Pat, I think it must be (new) because I haven’t seen it before and we go down that road often enough. I’ll have to be on the lookout for the display you mention.
    Louise, that sounds like fun…good time of year for it too. It’s fun to have a vacation like that to look forward to.
    Kay, I hope your yard is drying out with the little bit of sunny days we’ve had.
    Lavenderlady, thanks. If anyone would know how it gets with the photo every day, you would!

  4. hihihihi. cool! too bad its just somewhere on the side of the road (it seems?). it should be somewhere more on display!

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