Holland Road

Often when on this road I get the urge to floor it because there are so many little hills on it and it would be fun, but it’s also right by a golf course and has lots of deer that cross it so I have to resist that urge.

3 thoughts on “Holland Road”

  1. We had to jam on the brakes a couple weeks ago right here..2 deer crossing suddenly and you knew there may be others in the group! Yes, wouldn’t it be fun? Out in the Ca. desert there is an area with really pronounced bumps and often when my Mom & I took bus tour trips the driver would speed up to give everyone a thrill.

  2. Be careful, Shannon. You could get airborne and there are two outcomes, one of which you don’t want to experience.

  3. It is an enticing road luring the driver to test his/her skills…but I’m glad to hear that you are stable and mature and can resist such temptations. 🙂

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