Down but not out

I’ve seen this poor bird the last two times I went to feed the birds.  I felt bad because he wasn’t quite quick enough to get the food when I put it on the ground, but I figured out how to feed him…I balled up the bread and tossed it in the air at him as he flew and he caught it.  It didn’t seem to slow him down at all while flying, only while on the ground.

2 thoughts on “Down but not out”

  1. There was one at Taco Time that had a malformed foot….my husband would try to feed the gulls on his side and then I was able to give the lame one something on my side…I try to feed them the bread and not all fries! I guess maybe they get into fights and lose limbs this way? (or caught in debris?)

  2. I think I’ve seen that same bird here in Cedar Key. No, the one I saw in Cedar Key had a smashed foot. He was scavenging a dead fish on a boat ramp. Thanks for being nice to this one.

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