Snow in Sequim

We left for town about 1:30, it was lightly snowing and not sticking.  We went for a drive by the water and the snow really started coming down where you could barely see anything.  We circled around and came back to town to take care of something and then headed home on Hwy 101.  Just in a mile and a half stretch we saw three wrecks and one guy that was going off the road at about  40 miles an hour I’d guess.  Each person but one that I saw go off the road was driving a truck and going too fast.  Way too many people with their lights off too.  My husband took these shots on the 101 while I was driving. 

Sure is pretty out there right now! 

Sequim Snow

A good web cam to check out

5 thoughts on “Snow in Sequim”

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by on Ocala DP…

    Can’t believe you were out driving in this mess! Ugh!

    I guess I shouldn’t tell you I played golf this morning, right?

    Glad you made it home safely.

    Having lived in the north (Minnesota, etc.) for many years, I have experienced too many of the situations you’ve pictured here today!

  2. WOW great photos!!!!! We are in a white winter wonderland right now! Stopped snowing around 6pm.. temp has dropped quite a bit. Poor Mike will have to crank up his snowplow for our driveway tomorrow otherwise it will turn to ICE.

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