6 thoughts on “Dungeness Country Store”

  1. I am embarrassed to never have gone in here. Something new to explore for us. Shannon, it started to snow up here about 7:30am, still coming down lightly..not sticking too much. But it’s so beautiful to see out the windows! As my husband likes to say (about everything here..).You don’t see that in Oceanside!

  2. I’ve not gone to this one, either — nor to the Agnew store, which looks very interesting and “local.” I love that these stores have survived. . .Our snow melted by 11 a.m. but it’s starting to get heavier now, around 1 p.m. The road has stayed clear, which certainly helps, but they’re predicting 6-12 inches. I haven’t found the predictions very reliable, but the word has been “snow, snow, snow” for a few days so if nothing else they’re taking themselves seriously!

  3. This is lovely – great light on that store. My uncle used to run a general store like that down in Kansas. I thought it was the greatest place in the world!

    Love the Lonesome Dove series…still have the whole set on VHS…

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