8 thoughts on “Dungeness Bay at Sunset”

  1. Yes, Pat we live in a beautiful place. I took this one Friday night…I was putting groceries away and my husband comes home and says “did you see the mountains? We should go down there right now” so I grab my camera and go with him…we get down there and I go to take a picture of the mountain and my camera shut off with the dead battery sign flashing before it did and I hadn’t brought extra batteries with me like I usually do. So no mountain shot, but I had my back up camera with me and took this shot of the bay. It doesn’t have a zoom on it, so I couldn’t get the mountain. But the happy thing is I saw the sunset with my hubby and we live here, so there will be more opportunities for pictures. Not like I was on the last day of vacation and missed the shot and can’t come back for a while 😉

  2. Really beautiful shot. The mountains were indeed wonderful, but you caught a fabulous shot, and a perfect moment. I agree: we live in a great, beautiful place! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Shannon I think maybe it was fate that your batteries went dead (This happens to me all the time….my newer camera with the good zoom seems to EAT the batteries?)…you got a beautiful shot, better than the mountain shot would have been.

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