The Red Rooster Grocery

I went to the Red Rooster Grocery store yesterday to grab some salad greens, avocados and sweets for my sweet.  I got him a piece of fresh chocolate pie and some Yvonne’s Chocolates truffles that he really likes.   He about did a back flip over the pie too.  The place is a little hidden (directions on their website), but it’s a nice store to check out.

5 thoughts on “The Red Rooster Grocery”

  1. We haven’t been in there yet! I always say as we drive by, we need to go in there! Looks like they have fit a lot into a small space. Chocolate is going to SKYROCKET! (waring Africans have stopped the cocoa bean production) We are going to hit some stores today and get half-price chocolate.

  2. We shopped this store often during our October-November visit to Sequim. It is owned by a husband and wife working very hard to grow much of the eggs and produce that is sold there. I love this store! So happy to see it on Sequim Daily Photo. Thanks Larry for telling me about this site! Vivian

  3. What great photos, and what a surprise to find your website. Please introduce yourself the next time you stop in! May I link to your website from

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