Baaaack for more

I went back to check on these sheep and was parked in the their driveway and saw a car approaching and it was the owner so I stopped her and asked some questions that people had asked when I posted their pictures before.  Her name was Carla, a really nice lady who didn’t have a problem with me being there thankfully.  I asked if they typically were born this early and she said they usually come around February, but that they had 8 born in December and then a few more came.  I asked what kind they were and she said a Heinz 57 and listed the breeds, but I’d never heard of them before and didn’t write them down so I don’t remember them now.  She said they were like her field aquarium, fun to watch and that the little ones get very animated in the late afternoons…which they do, I’ve watched them and it’s fun.

8 thoughts on “Baaaack for more”

  1. Great photos! Thanks for getting info; I’d been curious. I’ve heard that goats can be very entertaining, too, but bouncing lambs are really something.

  2. “Field aquarium.” That is a very nice turn of a phrase. I will try to remember it and then pretend that it was mine. Shhhhhh.

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