11 thoughts on “Yes, it does rain in Sequim”

  1. Shannon-
    How often does it rain in Sequim? And how about snowing during the winter? I’m very curious about the weather, because I am planning a trip that will take place in about a year.

  2. G., it’s sporatic. We have all kinds of weather. The rain doesn’t seem to stick around for long when it comes, but we get it often enough. Once in a while there are days of rain at a time. It usually snows a couple times during the winter, not nearly enough for me though! This week it is sunny out, but cold.
    I like the summers here because they are nice and sunny, but rarely super hot. Most summer days here are sunny with a little breeze and that’s the way I like it.
    That must be fun to plan for a trip that far in advance, a lot to look forward to.

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