5 thoughts on “The Gatekeeper”

  1. A fine photograph! And one that sends little shivers up my spine. We had a German Shepherd many years ago that was too protective of our family – so much so that we couldn’t invited friends over to the house without fearing for their safety, so he ended up on a horse ranch.

    They are wonderful dogs, but very fearsome watchdogs if need be. I’d be very, very careful before I tried to go in that gate without permission!

  2. Oops, I meant to say thanks for visiting Ocala DP. And I appreciate your comment about those plants. I thought they were acting very strange and since you pointed out they were potted, it makes perfect sense. 😉

  3. Yes Pat, you and Tess were the first that I thought of when I saw this and told my husband to back the truck up so I could get a picture!
    Jacob, we had a German Shepherd when I was growing up and she was the coolest dog. Smart, protective and affectionate all rolled into one. I’m lucky to experience that again with my pooch now. I laughed at the potted plant comment.

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