7 thoughts on “New Life”

  1. Pat, no these were off of Woodcock Road. They are so cute, one was just hopping around-very animated.
    London Caller, I don’t know whether it’s early or normal, lambing isn’t an area I know much about.

  2. I grew up with sheep in WY and they lamb indoors in big sheds in January. When I was a child they lambed in the late spring out of doors. Fewer large flocks now. Big sheep ranches would have several “bands” a band is 1,000 head of sheep usually. Does anyone know what this breed is? The lambs are so cute!

  3. I was so taken by the mottled lambs, I searched on Bing and I found a lot of interesting breeds of sheep on the internet. The sheep in question seem to be a breed named Norfolk Horn found in England. The description of the newborn lambs being mottled seem to bear this out. They are one of the ancient “Heath” breeds now being revived in small numbers.

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