The good life

This is a field by my house that this dog is usually in.  I like driving by and seeing if she’ll be out there.  Sometimes she’s just peacefully lying there watching her field, other days she’s hopping around or chasing things.  She was even there in the snow.   Looks like a good life for her.

5 thoughts on “The good life”

  1. What a BEAUTY !! Is it a fenced in field with a house attached? Just hoping she’s not a stray. She is definitely gorgeous and seems quite healthy.
    Shannon, you are a great photographer.

  2. I have met her people before and she seems well taken care of. The best of both worlds, a place to explore which is in her nature, and people to take care of her and shelter her too.
    Sorry about the Seahawks Pat and thanks for the compliment Louise!

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