The site wouldn’t let me upload pictures the first few times I tried it this morning so I gave up.  Shortly after that it started snowing 🙂  It is really coming down hard, big flakes too.  The birds are going crazy at the feeders and here is one big blur of a shot of my dogs playing in it.  You can’t see it clearly in the pictures, but next to the feeders is our dogs big outside covered kennel.  They are inside dogs and usually only go in it on nice days in the summer so it’s empty except for their dog houses and every time I go outside I see a bunch of birds just hanging around in it right now.  I don’t blame them!

13 thoughts on “Snow!”

  1. Greetings! What a great series of photos. Love all of them, the snow-laden trees and bird feeder, but I especially like that action shot of the dogs! Super job.

    Re your question on Ocala DP: No, the ladies were engrossed in their reading so I just slipped out my little camera and snapped off a couple of shots. I’m pretty sneaky when it comes to photography!

  2. Hi, Shannon. I didn’t know you have a Hartford connection. Living in Sequim must seem more like living on a different planet, right? Asylum Avenue gets its name from the school for the deaf (Deaf and Dumb Asylum) that was founded there in the early 1800s. You can check out my posts from July 16 and September 14 last year. Got any places in Hartford you want to see on the HDP blog?

  3. nice shots.

    it is to start snowing here tonight. I imagine I’ll be putting some up in the next day or so though they won’t show on my blog for a month or so because I have it pre-loaded until February with other shots.

    As it snows, I’ll think of you all, up there. Best…

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