5 thoughts on “Game Farm”

  1. Just yesterday my Husband said..let’s go this week sometime! We usually reserve it for birthdays. We like to go when there are no other people and when the animals are a little hungry. Best time of our lives!!! Better than a trip to Disneyland and Knott’s combined!!

  2. Have fun if you go Pat!
    I heard they have made changes so the animals had a better environment so that is a good thing if they did that. I don’t know how they handle all that bread every day.

    I liked your video Larry! “Hey Bear” I talk to them too. Thanks for sending that link and sharing it.
    A fun trick to play on first timers when you take them there is to lock the window down if your vehicle has the feature…when you go through the Buffalo or Yak areas lol. Then hold out some bread and watch the good times begin. Nothing spells fun like having those big tongues comes in on people lol. I never ride as a passenger, I know my turn would come then.
    I talked to them a couple years ago about how they should have an annual pass available for purchase for locals and they said they were working on it, but I haven’t seen it yet.

  3. Another comment on the Farm….the first time we went we brought my 2 nieces. These are women aged 35 & 38 at that time….not kids , although they act like and look (to us) like teenagers. They were in the back seat and we were having a great time until I realized there was no action on the right side of the car….”I’m afraid!” says the 38 year old!!!! She kept her window up and would not throw the bread. This is defined as a PARTYPOOPER.

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