After the snow

The sun came out yesterday for a gorgeous (but cold!) day in Sequim after the snow.  When we drove down by the water last night, there was a purple glow in the sky and on the water and it was really pretty.  Everything is still frozen here.

6 thoughts on “After the snow”

  1. These are beautiful shots! So lovely! Good for you that you have gotten out to see and photograph this. Still no Garbage pickup and no snowplow! The neighbors made a trip out to 101 with their snowchains. They discovered what happened to our Trash Collection…..the Trash Truck was in a ditch!! (so were a bunch of other vehicles). Good to just stay home. A nice day to bake my pies, Pumpkin, Pecan and Toasted Coconut (death on a plate). A Very Happy Thanksgiving to you & your husband Shannon. And to Everyone out there!

  2. Beautiful pictures! It is pretty amazing that you beat Iowa for a first snowfall. The big difference is that yours will melt – when we get ours it will stay until April. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing Sequim!

  3. My daughter stayed home (Tacoma) from work today due to icy roads. Here, when the snow comes – and it will, Los Alamos,NM county is out early and often with many snow plows cleaning streets and parking lots. Probably due to mission of the Labs here, can’t afford snow to slow us down.

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