3 thoughts on “Isn't it ironic?”

  1. The hunting bothers me. We live out in Sunshine Acres and have always had No Hunting signs posted. Someone complained and technically there can’t be No Hunting where we are (???) So now they allow Bow Hunters and then say, No entering private property. Picture these arrows whizzing all around!!! I love the deer, never understand the ones who don’t, where are they supposed to hide in safety?

  2. We live across the street from this. It is a total irony, but the hunting is on County property and the refuge is part of the U.S. Wildlife system, two separate but adjoining areas. From what I understand, the hunting here has been going on since before the land became County jurisdiction. The hunters have asked to find other areas where they may hunt, but found nothing. This area permits pheasant hunting. Pheasants are raised, and then released in the area. It doesn’t seem terribly sporting, but that’s how it’s done. I root for the pheasants, and we see some at times on our side of the road where they’re safe. We’ve been told that hunting will end here in three years.

  3. I am not a hunter. However, as humans have systematically removed predators from the environment, we must become the “predator” of choice. Without the natural predator, populations wildlife populations often swell and then crash due to starvation – leaving less wildlife in the wild. Many hunting groups, like Ducks Unlimited, are advocates on natural conservation. Admittedly, they want to preserve the wildlife so they can shoot it. But the net result is more wildlife and protected wild life areas. It is indeed ironic.

    Hunting in populated (with humans) areas seems pretty dumb as humans move into former hunting ground. Bullets or arrows whizzing through the neighborhood does not sound like a good idea.

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