7 thoughts on “The View from Kitchen Dick Road”

  1. Have you lived there long enough that you can say the name of the road with a straight face? We have trouble with it, but maybe we are just more twisted than you are.

  2. Joleen, not always (straight face), it still gets us sometimes especially when we are driving on it with someone who hasn’t been on the road before. There is a place where Kitchen Dick runs into Woodcock and we used to have good laughs on that one.
    It’s also funny when the kids (or could be adults) cross off the K in Kitchen Dick.
    Someone told me Kitchen Dick was named after a man who worked in the fields and liked the kitchen but I don’t know what the real story there is.

  3. I love this view! Those golden trees are just spectacular.
    I heard…and who knows if it is true, that there was a family with the last name of “Kitchen” and a family with the last name of “Dick” who were pioneers in the area.

  4. what a pretty road. visually, but the name…!!! that has got to be one of the funniest named roads – especially the part about kids crossing out the “k”.

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