6 thoughts on “Dungeness Valley Creamery”

  1. This place was fun last year at the Farm Days. They had the 6 (?) women Marimba Band playing and it was very lively! Fun watching the cows until 2 young steers started playing rough with each other…their horns were too close to each other eyes!

  2. I haven’t tried their products (not a milk drinker), but there didn’t seem to be a shortage of people there when I was taking the picture.
    I just had to Google the difference between a steer and a bull after reading Pat’s comment. Learn something every day.
    Hey Monkey, you have Pinks lol.

  3. My Mom just looked at this and wrote me an email saying she couldn’t believe I had to Google the difference between a steer and a bull and I wrote back, “what can I say, my parents didn’t properly educate me ; – )” and she wrote back “oh, I am positive we had that discussion more than once when you were growing up!!!!!! I will never forget the Fair when a whole lot of people were standing around this bull with a huge set hanging down and you blurted out………”What are those” Everyone was cracking up. I’m sure there was a discussion then too.”
    I’ve been schooled.

  4. ha! “what are those”. that sounds like you! i don’t remember having that discussion growing up either, i mean, how would that go exactly?….”now look here girls, you see those 2 plumbs hanging betwixt that bull’s legs? well now, see that is the difference between…..”

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