The theme day for City Daily Photo was graffiti but I didn’t participate this month because (knock on wood) I haven’t seen any graffiti around.  There was one on a fence that resembled the picture above but it wasn’t a mushroom, but I see someone has painted over that thankfully.  That and a huge smiley face painted now and then on the 101 during the night are the only “graffiti” that I’ve seen around.  Hope it stays that way!

5 thoughts on “TGIF”

  1. It is fun to spot these mushrooms around the area. These are unusual with the FACES. They are all so weathered I imagine it was someone years ago doing the carving. Most of them are carved right into an existing stump…..did they charge people? Picture a traveling “carver”….pardon me, would you like your stump carved?

  2. oh Shannon we DO have Graffiti…Shelley Taylor wrote a column about this in the Peninsula Daily..(check the archives)…they did catch the teenagers (brothers yet) about to start on Safeway’s wall, about 1 month back. But someone is still painting up the Burger King trash container wall. It is sickening to me.(one thing we moved away from!)

  3. Hi Pat. I’ve never been to Burger King so I haven’t seen that, not even driving by. I like being blissfully unaware of it ; – )

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