What would you do?


Two months ago we saw this man on the street corner by Walmart with a sign saying Vet and asking for help.  My husband said that’s so messed up his having to do that.  Over the last two weeks, I’ve seen him on corners in Port Angeles and Sequim and then I took this picture yesterday at Safeway here.    When I lived in Portland, there were people with signs on so many corners and you were warned it was a scam.  That they’d make more money than you did and then someone picks them up at the end of the day and they’d count the take.  I didn’t see people on the corners here until the last couple years and you don’t see it very often.  I also see a young one who has his dog with him (the dog back in Portland would bring in more money, we are softies for animals).  When I see them I don’t know what to do.  Are they legit or scamming…hard to know.  And so part of me really wants to help out and the other part doesn’t want to be scammed.  What do you do?

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  1. Luckily we don’t have that problem where I live. I’m not that familiar with what kind of help a war veteran in your country should get from the government. Try asking him next time you spot him.

  2. It is too bad. As big as this country is and as much money as we give to Israel, and dozens of other countries one would think the united states could at least afford a soup kitchen to help hungry people out.

  3. I’ve seen this gentleman on that corner several times. We have several veteran’s organizations in this area that offer help to local veterans. Maybe next time I see him I should offer him the list and see what he has to say.

  4. Most of them are scammers! There is one fellow with a tiny sign that says HUNGRY..I saw him 3 days running on 101 at the John Wayne Marina turn-off. Then he was missing for a week and we saw him over by Jack In The Box. My Mom was a softie and used to offer some of her groceries (she was always finding them in the grocery store parking lots), these were genuine. I’ll bet that any of them would love a hamburger but will want some $$$ too to give back to their “employer”. Sad that is has come over here…I noticed that the people disappeared while we had the Bridge Closure…hmmm? They couldn’t get over here from where they were.

  5. Thought provoking pic/question. This is everywhere here (los angeles). Every store entrance, gas station etc, someone is asking for money. Many are legit and need help, and others are scammers. I look at 2 things – eyes and shoes. Like they say, the eyes never lie. And lots of times I’ll see some scammer in the “homeless” clothes, but the dummies forget they are wearing brand new Adidas.

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