Toads galore

At the end of last week when I left the house to go to town, I noticed tiny frogs jumping all over the next road (we live by a small lake).  There were so many that I didn’t want to drive on the road and backed up and went another way.  Then driving back that night we still saw them hopping all over the road so we moved as many as we could and drove home.   Now this week I see them all over my yard.  The above we collected by walking the yard and by picking up the rocks in the front of the house.   Then we released them in back to what I call my frog rocks.  Any time we see one hopping in the yard now, we just move it back there.   I’ve mentioned it before on here, but I love frogs so it’s fun finding them. 

Update: they are toads.  And there are too many to move, they are everywhere.

6 thoughts on “Toads galore”

  1. Wow there sure are a lot of Frogs there. I wouldn’t want to squish them either. I have a pond on my place and they can be noisy at night but I seldom see them and the ones I doo are larger than your cuties.

    thanks for visiting my blog. MB

  2. Oh how WONDERFUL!!!! We have these little guys also and when my husband dug holes for a handrail he was working on…we’d found about 18 little frogs had fallen in. So we rescued them (I have a similar picture of all of them in a pot I used) and then released them under some trees so the birds wouldn’t get them. I LOVE THEM! Can we tell if they are Frogs or Toads? I think we have both. My husband tries to be careful when he mows because he sees them jumping at that time. Even our German Shepherd knows to leave them alone!

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