Blue sky

Even yesterday when it was raining in Sequim (yes, it does happen) I saw blue sky down by the Dungeness Spit.   I’d look toward the mountains and it was dark sky…look towards the water and it was blue sky.   There have been times when it’s raining at home and we drive down to the Rec area to walk knowing we have time to beat the rain and get our walk done.

One thought on “Blue sky”

  1. Often, it will be raining in town and it takes a few hours for it to reach us in Diamond Point. Or the other way around….sometimes bright and sunny in town (or Port Angeles)..dry as a bone…but sprinkling at home. We just love it here I guess because you never know what to expect..we come from San Diego, Ca. and there it is very predictable Hot & Sunny 365 days a year!! We are admitted Rain Lovers!

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