3 thoughts on “4-legged Sequim resident”

  1. Well, this little donkey seems kind and sleepy…
    I like the way you show Sepuim & surrounding area. But I don’t really understand… I follow these pages since 2007. I’ve even made promotion for Sequimdailyphoto.com in the most famous french country magazine (called DreamWest). I could not connect for the last few monthes and… Here’s Shannon on the controls ! The creator was Norma at the beginning. So what’s the matter ?…
    Have a good day on the other side of the world, Shannon !
    Max from Châlons-en-Champagne, France.

  2. Sweet little donkey! WE have so many different types of animals here in Sequim…you just have to take the time and drive some of the back roads.

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