The only obstacle

My last picture I’ll post from the trail.  If anyone is local or visiting Sequim and enjoys hiking, it’s a great trail.  Even if you don’t enjoy hiking, the road up there has many great views and chances to see some wildlife (we saw deer, bunnies and chipmunks on the way up) and wild rhododendrons.   The foot bridge above was my only obstacle.  My husband took the dogs and happily walked over it, not a care in the world.  I got half way across and made the mistake of looking down at the water and just froze.  Couldn’t go back and didn’t want to go forward.  There is no rail on one side and something about that made me feel dizzy and panic.  I made it across and then on the way back when we got to the bridge there were two different sets of people there so I didn’t allow myself to think at all and just went across it.

4 thoughts on “The only obstacle”

  1. Acrophobia, fear of heights, seems to attack in beautiful places when you unexpectedly think about where you are.

  2. What I left out Norma was once I got across the first time I was so worked up and my body had been in such a frozen panic that as soon as I got across and had that relief of being over it, I started to shake and cry a little. What a wussy! I know. But it’s a physical reaction for me, I get light headed and think I’m going down. It hits me in this one area when we walk out at the Rec Area too and I usually walk around that part to avoid it unless I’m feeling up to the challenge.
    Google Drift Creek Falls Suspension Bridge in Oregon and check that picture out. That took all my courage to get across that one. But at least it had rails on both side!
    Thanks Kay for the definition, I will Google that. What would I do without Google lol.

  3. Heights never bothered me until I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge late one night while they were replacing a section of the roadway. It was barricaded, but bright lights illuminated the gaping hole above the bay. I was swept with panic and it was all I could do to get across the bridge. I’ve had reactions to other high places since. My husband and I had a lot of fun when we got to the Grand Canyon and also Bryce: Woops! It’s a CANYON! Forgot about that, didn’t we? We admired it from as much distance as we could, which wasn’t easy.

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