16 thoughts on “Theme Day, Funny Sign”

  1. Shannon – was presently surprised this morning when I saw glad a new Sequim Daily Photo had been posted. Glad to know that you are stepping in!


  2. Love your choice for the first day! I am happy to know you are taking over – I would have had a very hard time getting through the day without a Sequim picture. Greetings from Iowa!

  3. We have enjoyed your photo’s in the past when you filled in for Norma. Love the sign. . . as a grandparent, I thought, does this mean “watch out we might be in the street” or “watch out, we might be slowly crossing the street with our grandkids? Either way, I like it!

  4. That is a very funny one.
    I’m a longtime visitor of Norma’s and glad you will be covering her beat in Sequim.
    Best to you, and welcome to our very friendly community!

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