Costco Basket


I’m pretty sure that Costco pre-planted hanging baskets don’t come with baby bird eggs.  The parents of these 5 eggs must have found it the day I hung it.   Water to the plant is down to a minimum.  I can always buy another one…I can’t always watch new birds being hatched.

2 thoughts on “Costco Basket”

  1. Nests and eggs already? I need to get dressed and down to the Farmer’s Market immediately to see if any plants are available. We have birds that come to build a nest every year on a plant that I hang by our front door. After that everyone is barred from that entrance and need to use the side entrance to our home. We brush our dog every day and spread the hair in the yard, and it disappears immediately as the birds carry it away for their nests. Isn’t spring wonderful?!

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