4 thoughts on “Sequim Valley (repost)”

  1. I love how your town sits in a valley with those impressive mountains in the background. Great composition and I enjoyed going back to see the elk and the lovesick cow.

  2. This is a great shot with the mailbox hanging open, full of mail! Folks who are shirking billcollectors hate the daily mail, but for some folks this is the highlight of the day! Letters from relatives & friends, magazines, …I hate to see us lose a day of mail due to cutbacks! And the price of a stamp is actually pretty cheap to wing a letter across the USA!

  3. You show us a lovely view again, today, Norma! About the flowers you’ve seen on my other blog, they are “echeverias”, they must be kept inside like cactus and if they bloomed one time, they never did after… I wish you a good weekend!

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