Happy Earth Day!(early)…40th Anniversary April 22nd


I don’t know what they are, but they seem to be naturalizing in my bark.  Any ideas?

Opps…Nothing like being early.

6 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!(early)…40th Anniversary April 22nd”

  1. PS. Norma, I’m confused. Isn’t Earth Day in April? I ask because our daughter was born on April 21, and we almost called her Tara, much to her delight we didn’t and she remains a 3rd generation Katherine.

  2. Glory of the Snow (or Chionodoxa forbesii )

    The flowers appear just as the snow disappears….have been known to bloom through the snow.

  3. http://www.paghat.com/chionodoxa.html

    “Granny Artemis & Paghat the Ratgirl live on a high hilltop in a working-class neighborhood overlooking Sinclair Inlet of Puget Sound. In the 1870s the settlement was called Charlestown, today called “the old Charlestown neighborhood.” Our Edwardian era home was a humble orchard grower’s house a century ago, but by today’s standard it’s a mini-mansion. It’s certainly a wonderful place for two eccentric gals to ramble around in.”

    The Garden of Paghat … is a lovely website…..check it out!


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