Repost….Snowy in the Snow


 The kids are not in California…we have rain…not snow…but my friends came back for a reunion quilting retreat.  Today I leave for the ocean for 2 days.  I need my”water” fix.  I will be back on Wednesday and will resume posting then.

The kids are in California visiting my son-in-laws family.  I am grand pup sitting.  His name is Snowy and he loves it.  In the background are my raised beds.  The garlic ought to be loving this cover.   (this is a late post, see the 24th)

One thought on “Repost….Snowy in the Snow”

  1. It’s that time of year again! I’m doing the rounds and apologising for my complete failure to more regularly offer comment on everybody’s incredible efforts for the year. I know how hard it can be to keep up with the daily grind of everyday posting, and want to thank you for your efforts.

    I especially want to wish festive greetings for all from down here at [nearly] the end of the world, the bottom of Tasmania.

    So, if you could delete whatever is not applicable, I’d like to wish you a very pleasant/merry/happy/wonderful/safe Amaterasu; Ashurall; Beiwe; Choimus; Christmas; Dazh Boh; Dongzhi; Goru; Hanukkah; Hogmanay; Junkanoo; Karachun; Koleda; Lenæa; Meán Geimhridh; Modranicht; New Years; Ras as-Sana; Rozhanitsa Feast; Şeva Zistanê; shōgatsu; Summer Solstice [if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere]; Sviatki; Vánoce; Winter solstice [if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere]; Yalda; Yule-tide; Ziemassvētki; and Коляда!

    With a hearty three cheers from Kris, Jen, Henry and Ezra!

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