Veterans Day


Today we remember those who have served in the Armed Forces, our Veterans.  As you are out and about today, you are sure to spot the flag being displayed.  I think it is appropriate to pause; re read the history of the establishment of this day;  and remember those who have have served.

One thought on “Veterans Day”

  1. I received this from a friend who is a Vietnam veteran:
    three veterans of the first world war remain.
    * Claude Stanley Choules, 108, Royal Navy, Perth, Australia
    * John Henry Foster (Jack) Babcock, 109, First 146th (Boys Battalion) Canadian Expeditionary Force, Spokane, Washington
    * Frank Woodruff Buckles, 108, 1st Fort Riley Casual Detachment Western Front ambulance driver, Charles Town, West Virginia

    soon, like in 10 little indians, there will be none.

    Thank you for the lovely reminder.

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