Lunch on Wheels


Delivery Man!  He likes his job…told me he gets exercise, gets outside, and he gets paid. Doesn’t get much better than that.  Sandwiches, salads, drinks are in his icebox.   I confess that I saw the article in the Gazette last fall, but I don’t remember the name of the business.  Any locals out there know?

2 thoughts on “Lunch on Wheels”

  1. Hey, that’s me. I do deliver sandwiches by bicycle and i do so for an outfit called sequim family farms. We cycle lunch to anyone in the sequim and carlsborg area. We also have a bicycle taxi that holds three and is available to take you anywhere you want at anytime we just ask for a little bit of a heads up so we can get things together. ANybody is more than welcome to give us a call at 360.681.0635. Thank you, and i look forward to bringing you your next lunch.

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