Port Williams-repost


Yesterday just went to you know where in a hand basket.   I am reposting a  photo from two years ago on this date.

Recently I posted the memorial at Port Williams (see below). This time of year it is indeed one of my favorite places to go and look, listen and walk. The second thumbnail shows that it is also a favorite place for others to gather. These gentle fishermen where enjoying the sun and a cup of coffee when they were approached by a young lady handing out religious tracts. I have no idea what was said, but as one left, he had a pamphlet in his hand.

pt.JPG witness1.JPG

Patriots Day

9 thoughts on “Port Williams-repost”

  1. Amazingly beautiful. I like all the three photos. The fishermen seem to be having a great time.
    It must be great to live near such a beautiful place. Here in Mumbai, we have to travel to hill stations to be close to nature.

  2. A rugged shoreline! The photo looks like some of the areas of Lake Michigan, altho the thumbnails do not because of the mountainous terrain.

  3. Stunning picture. Thanks so much for all your great photography and comments. I’ve enjoyed and appreciated your comments on my blog as well. At least for now, I’m hanging up my spurs–just too many irons in the fire to keep up with posting a photo every day. I’m in awe of those who do it so well.

    Take care!

    Olympia Daily Photo

  4. Such beauty astounds me. I will say that I’d prefer to be astounded by the beauty rather than the audacity of someone handing me a religious tract while I was enjoying the day there.

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