First Day of School


Yesterday was the first day of school in Sequim.  Every first day for the last five years, I have gotten up early to accompany my Big Boy to school…taking pictures to document the passage.  This year he is entering 5th grade and is a little too cool to have his Grandma following him around with a camera…so Mr. Rico, without a doubt the coolest elementary principal on the Olympic Peninsula, let me take his picture, pretending to be  welcoming my grandson back.  Mr. Rico not only does great things for students and parents, but grandma’s as well.  I have my picture for my memory book…and then in the afternoon, it was an exciting first day for Baby Girl…the first day of kindergarten.  She was anxious to make new friends and learn new things.  I am very, very proud of my children.  They have raised good kids, expecting them to always do their best, and to take advantage of opportunities to learn new things.  I thank all the school personnel in Sequim who make school such a wonderful place to learn.  We are lucky to live here.

PS….Although I didn’t get my picture of my grandson, I do confess to peeking in the window of his classroom door…the teacher spotted me, waved for me to come in, and when I waved no…of course everyone turned around to look.  Hopefully my grandson didn’t have to admit that was “his” grandma.

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  1. Love the fall start of school. Although I have adjusted quite nicely to rockin’ retirement, I still miss the classroom, both as student and educator. I always feel as though I should be wearing saddle shoes and a plaid skirt. Shopping for supplies and new clothes was always so much fun!!

    Thanks for the accolades for educators, too!

  2. Too funny .. grandma looking in the window .. I’m laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes .. Love you Norma.

    PS: Tell Big Boy it could be worse. His Great Uncle Denton delivered Yvonne, to her first day in 8th grade, in a U-Haul truck.

    PPS: I don’t know. Maybe you have me beat on this one Norma. I’ll tell Yvonne she can pass her trophy to the next generation. Big Boy has been embarrassed more than she was (smile).

  3. Norma, great story and picture. And betcha you will get the last laugh when Denton’s grandson enters fifth grade!! Can’t you just see Grampa peeking in the window??

  4. This is so sweet! Don’t all the mothers do that? I have memories of my mother being told “time to leave now” by my kindergarten teacher on that first day! I cried and cried but 2 nice girls (who I was fated to know all the way through to college) took me under their wing…one gave me a babydoll to hold and the other had me sit in the little rocking chair. Soon I was too occupied to notice my Mom was gone! Norma, I can see you peeking in that window!!! Good memories and someday they will laugh with you about them.

  5. This gave me a smile and I just love the first day of school stories. Great mental picture of you peeking in the window and perhaps your grandson rolling his eyes…

  6. Aloha,

    Thanks for admitting to looking in the school window! I did that when my daughter first went to preschool many year’s ago. She’s an adult now, of course. Later I went back early to pick her up and to take another look through the window!

    Even though I’m in Hawaii, I still check your photos on a regular basis and love them!
    🙂 Mahalo!

    Hope to visit Sequim for the first time next June. I also want to everything possible about your elementary school since I work at one here in Honolulu.

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