A Perfect Day…Repost


A repost from last year.  Today is my last day on main campus for a short summer class.  Now I can get back to Sequim and get some pictures.

What this picture lacks in technical value is completely made up for in the genuine joy of the experience.  My darling daughter and equally precious grandchildren came to help me get my house back in order today. Having slept in, Baby Girl arrived in her princess jammies and assisted me in washing the pottery that would go back on the counters.  I know for a fact that this particular piece has never been so lovely cleaned for as long a period as occurred today.    Pottery cleaning was followed by a visit to the raspberry patch where we picked the last of this year’s crop.  We then ambled on over to the raised beds where we picked peas and new potatoes for a “farmer’s” lunch.  Once we shelled the peas, we found out that pea shells make wonderful boats that will float.    I was sad to see them leave after lunch, but I won’t soon forget the sight and I’ll always have the memory.   The day was capped off by a call from the older grandson confirming he passed all of his tests, and will now enter the local community college in the fall.  Some days it just doesn’t get any better.

6 thoughts on “A Perfect Day…Repost”

  1. I got misty eyed when I read about your time with your family. Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest memories. Don’t you just love when the kids excited about helping Grandma?
    My girls were over Sunday after church and helped us pick yummy peaches and grapes. I just cherish those times.

  2. What a pretty girl. Sorry she didn’t make it over while we were there. Please pass on my congrats to Osiel and tell him I am anxious to see that patio. I may need to take a day trip when it is done rather than wait until next August.

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