Pumpkin blossoms


They say they are good to eat, but I’m looking for pumpkins for the fall.  We can’t hardly keep enough water on our plants right now.  Forecast is for 94 degrees again  today.  We just aren’t used to it.

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin blossoms”

  1. sorry, eating flowers is something a rabbit does . . .:-0

    but pumpkin? luvitt.

    we empathize, we’re melting here in the Big Apple and its only reaching 80F, so far.

    yesterday coming home during rush hour (subway packed like sardines) a man wearing a tank top, and obviously sweating up a storm, stunk up the car so much that half the people emptied out. literally.

    we would have loved to ride with him in a half-empty car, but NO THANKS.

    anyhoo, thanks for the post, stay kool (lime and icy water helps). 🙂


  2. those flowers remind me of my three zucchini i had in my garden this year, had lots of bloosums but not one zucchini, shoud have eat the flowers, too late

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