It’s all over but the shouting.  I will have to read the Peninsula Daily News to find out if “purple turned the town green”, but I do know that everyone who left the quilt show this afternoon has a smile on their face.  One of my favorite parts is what is affectionally called “the quilt turning”.  Antique quilts that belong to club members and community members are held up for viewing by two quilters while the history of the quilt is read to the audience.  The stories that go with these quilts are wonderful.   The title of this year’s quilt turning was “Artists in Aprons”…and I couldn’t agree more.  Many of these quilts are priceless.  I thank those in the community who shared their treasures for those in attendance to see.

oldlogcabin.jpg  vannaintraining.jpg  dresendenplate2.jpg

2 thoughts on “Postscript”

  1. Such beautiful craftsperson ship. I treasure the beautiful Amish quilt I bought in Wisconsin in 1986. There is a quilting exhibition in a NSW town called Braidwood (not far from Canberra) every year. The town has many older style balconied shops along the main street, and the quilts are hung for all to see.

    All the best from me at Sydney Daily Photo.

  2. The pictures you’ve been sharing of quilts are gorgeous! I’m full of admiration and envy looking at them. Even inspires me to learn how to do it. If only I had a neighbor/friend who knew something about it.

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