Happy Fourth of July!


I hope you and yours have a fabulous fun filled day that is safe and sane.

The grandson is taking me to the airport where I will fly to Denver and then drive to Oklahoma, followed by New Mexico for a family reunion.  Now no one in their right mind from Sequim would go to Oklahoma in July.  (It’s hot!)  But I love my family and can’t wait to see them all.  Shannon and Eli have Bebe, the cat, and garden duty.  I am so very lucky to have them as neighbors.

6 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!”

  1. Wonderful post for today, and it looks like a quilt! Is it one of yours? I don’t envy your trip to Oklahoma, but New Mexico!! I love the state because of its history and cultures. I’d move to Santa Fe in a minute but DH wants to stay here. Have a fun trip!!

  2. Have a safe and wonderful reunion Norma. It will be hot but family makes it worth while.
    Love the flag quilt. So much work involved in it.
    Looking forward to pix when you return.

  3. Hope you have fun in Oklahoma, I agree who in their right mind would go to Oklahoma, come down the Texas instead. 🙂

  4. Have a great trip Norma! It may be HOT back there where you are going but it is wonderful to see the country! What better day than to say…See the USA !!! What a wonderful great country we live in!

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