Bell Street Bakery Retail Store


The retail store is open!  It makes a nice place to go for coffee and a pastry with your friends, especially with their big open deck.  What a great way to enjoy the morning.  I do have to caution you on making sure you park on the street or in the back.  The parking lot across the street is reserved for the three businesses located there.


I must confess I was so excited about finally getting to drive, I neglected to wish my sister Leonda happy birthday yesterday.  I surely hope it was a good one.

2 thoughts on “Bell Street Bakery Retail Store”

  1. The whole idea of sitting outside on the deck enjoying a cup of coffee sounds awfully good to me…it’s too hot here to do that (103 yesterday; only 92 today)…

    Lovely place.

  2. Yes Norma, it was a great birthday! Glad you got to start driving again on my birthday. Love, Leonda

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