Red door


Some of you may remember the saga of the garden house from the last two years.  Well, this weekend the door got it’s first coat of paint.  I love it…maybe it is the blue tape that hasn’t come off yet.  I was going for a terracota red.  It might be a little too orange, but we will see after the guys have the second coat on.

This will be the last of my neighborhood for awhile…today is the day!  I am finally back behind the wheel…carefully.  I’m excited and plan to go looking for some other Sequim photos.

4 thoughts on “Red door”

  1. What a perfectly delightful space! It was fun to look back at the development of the building and the coordinated effort of friends and family.

  2. Great Red Door! I agree – with the second coat and the blue tape off, you will love it. Enjoy your first driving excursion!

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