Yard Art


A collegue said today, “we may not have much money, but we are rich in friends.”  I am a wealthy woman by that criteria.  Two of my friends made this “get well” ball for me from a second hand shop bowling ball.  Broken plates were glued on.  Glass trim added, followed by grout and sealer.  Yes, the ball has to go inside during the winter, but what fun.  Eli took and old stump, shaped it up, and buried it in the ground.  I have plans for more plant textures in front..and voila!

2 thoughts on “Yard Art”

  1. Talk about making something spectacular out of nothing! Mosiac art for the garden has always intrigued me, who doesn’t have odd pieces of pottery or plates? THis is beautiful and the stump base makes it so natural looking. Norma, please post a shot later when you have finished planting BUT watch that arm!!! (plant later please)

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