Sometimes photos come to you


I had plans to ask one of the neighbors to take me for a ride so I could get some photos for the rest of the week…and then I checked my calendar.  It was time for the 6 year checkup of my septic system.  Perfect photo op.  Be sure and check the thumbnail….a little poker humor.

I always ask questions and learned that I should space my laundry loads out…an hour and a half between loads.  He also suggested throwing a couple of packages of yeast in to the system.    If you are local, I can certainly recommend this gentleman.  He does a great job, is fairly priced, and takes care of his customers.  I strongly suspect he will still be in business in 2015 when I have it done again.


7 thoughts on “Sometimes photos come to you”

  1. Hi Norma,

    Regarding the recommendation of throwing yeast into the septic system – is that packets of baking yeast or brewer’s yeast? Did he say how often to do so?

    If it’s just a couple of packets of baking yeast, that’s certainly a lot less costly than the septic treatment stuff that takes a whole box every month.

    Hope your recovery goes well.

  2. In regards to the putting yeast in the septic tank, do you know if he meant a couple of packets of baking yeast or brewers yeast? Did you say to do it monthly or more often?

    Hope your recovery goes well.

  3. I took a class on septics in California from the former head of the Sonoma County department that monitors septic systems and also work for a septic engineer. (Some people just can’t get enough glamor.) I’ve heard the advice about yeast. The teacher stated emphatically (and literature I’ve seen also says) that a well functioning system doesn’t need yeast or any of the commercial chemical products sold. Yeast doesn’t do much either way and chemical additives can potentially harm soil in the drainfield and contaminate groundwater. The bacteria in a system does fine on its own. That said, avoid putting grease or oil, paints/thinners/varnish, or pesticides into a system and you’re likely to do just fine.

  4. HI i missed the poker joke somehow, but that is the best looking honey wagon i ever seen. it must be a very profitable to own a unit like that, and that yeast is only put in when you start with a empty tank to help the new bacteria

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