Stepping Stones


Aren’t these cool?  They are located in a part of Carrie Blake that has a slope.  My friend was giving me ideas on how they thought the steps were made.  My mind is racing overtime…when the arm is healed next year, maybe.  I didn’t place the leaf…it was really there.

Continued from yesterday….in the hospital my mind is wandering on how I am going to get out of that plane when I get back home.  I call my son-in-law and make him promise to be there when the plane comes in…otherwise, I’m not getting off.  When it came time to actually fly back, Kenmore put us on a much smaller plane…ladder was half the height.  Still, once we arrived, I took the pilots hand with my left hand and Mario grabbed the back of the pants to keep me semi steady coming down the ladder.   I didn’t want anyone touching the right arm.  Float planes…  Definately something I’ve marked off my bucket list.

2 thoughts on “Stepping Stones”

  1. That must have been pure trama getting off that plane. Glad you made it safely.
    I love those garden steps. I could use some in my backyard too.
    Keep healing and posting.

  2. The story makes me think of being a tourist and climbing up and down ladders into submarines and ships. The things we never gave a second thought to as a young person….now, WOW. AND YOU DID IT ONE-ARMED!
    Yes, these steps are great and that leaf is the perfect accent.

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