Boat Reflections


This is a pre surgery photo.  It is not eactly Sequim…a bit east of here.  I took it while I was waiting.

While the Hood Canal Bridge was out, one of the ways we could get off of the Peninsula was Kenmore Air.  They had a float plane that flew in to Port Hadlock Marina and Port Ludlow.  I needed to get to Seattle for my pre op on the 22nd, so I hitched a ride with the son-in-law to the marina.  Having never ridden a float plane before, my eyes were big as saucers when I saw the turbine Otter land.  The ladder to the plane  was skinny with no hand rail.  Old one arm, aka me, was not sure how I was going to get up.  I did and made it to Seattle.  Getting out of the plane was a hoot.  Fortunately none of those people will ever see me again.

5 thoughts on “Boat Reflections”

  1. Beautiful reflections and such vivid colors. You were brave to do that ladder and I can imagine getting back down it was quite an adventure.
    I forgot to say how beautiful the iris picture was yesterday. Its a prize.

  2. You are brave! I would freak out if I had to get on that thing.
    Love the reflections in this picture.

  3. Oh, my! I grab on with both hands just walking one of those plank walks down to a dock. Doesn’t Necessity make us brave?

    Welcome back, Norma! I hope you’re healing well.

    The water looks like glass in this picture. Iris photo yesterday was wonderful, too.

  4. What an adventure you had! I am certain that the “others” you mention have seen far worse. Hope you enjoyed the trip as well as you could, I am envious of a flight on one of these.

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