How do you follow those eagles?


Weren’t they marvelous?  I am so very thankful that Shannon filled in for me…and so very proud of her photos.  I have a feeling you may get to see more in the future.

Shannon and Eli are two very remarkable people.   They are caring, compassionate, and fun to be around.   They care about the earth, the community they live in, and the people around them.  They are readers and  animal and nature lovers.  They also “walk their talk”.    If the world were filled with Shannons and Elis, it would be a marvelous place.

This iris was one of about 20 practice photos in the backyard.  I am still dependent on others to drive me, but oh my,  am I feeling better.  In the next couple of days I’ll fill you in on the fun of having a new shoulder…and my camera back!  It was left at a friends in Seattle.  I almost felt naked.     Happy flag day and happy birthday to my niece, Jenny.

6 thoughts on “How do you follow those eagles?”

  1. I lost my first comment so I’ll try again. Good news about your improved health, Norma! Isn’t it good to have friends that share your values? Thank them for us, too.

    The flower’s colour is so DELICIOUS! My camera has been sent to Canon (long story) so I know how you feel. Using my son’s camera just isn’t the same.

  2. Great to have you back Norma!!! I bought 2 Raffle tickets from the Sunbonnet Sue table set up at Petco today! Really lovely lady and I told her I knew Norma from her Photo Blog. That quilt is beautiful but I am not lucky to ever win such an item.
    Don’t try and do too much now, get enough rest! (like those restless camera hands will obey.)

  3. Welcome back Norma. I’m so happy to find you back in Blogdom. Your friends have done a terrific job posting and I feel like I have another friend.

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