Gobble Gobble



We were out looking at houses and saw this turkey in a yard.  It was huge!  I haven’t seen a lot of turkeys in my time, but it was definitely the biggest I’d ever seen.

7 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Shame you didn’t have a BIG net or lasso for this one! Delicious photo! Incredible color and detail – how close were you??

  2. Great photo! Brought back memories of many, many years ago when my mother raised turkeys. I particularly remember one mean old tom turkey!

  3. I don’t think he was scared, he sat there posing back and forth for us for about 5 minutes, he’d poof out and walk one way then turned around and do it the other way. I’m uninformed when it comes to turkeys, I didn’t even know their feathers did that like a peacock does. I was hoping he was someone’s pet and not their meal.

    Shannon (filling in for Norma)

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