Almost June


Looking toward the south from the street just behind Safeway, you can see there is still snow in the mountains.  I hope that means we will have a summer without water rationing.

Today is my last day to post for awhile.  Shannon, my awesome neighbor, will be taking over my duties until I have a week or two to recover.  I’m planning on spending a good part of that time stopping by and catching up on photos I’ve missed.  I always seem to be running behind.  Take care.

4 thoughts on “Almost June”

  1. Thanks Denton : – )
    We’ll be thinking of you Norma and sending good thoughts your way. I remember when we first talked about me posting pictures while you were away, the date seemed so far off…but it’s just zipped by and here we are.

  2. All the best, Norma. Here’s wishing for a speedy recovery and sending good thoughts of easy healing.

    And thank you for leaving the Daily Photo in Shannon’s capable hands. We won’t have to go without our daily Sequim fix while you get fixed up yourself.

  3. Thinking of you and wishing you a sucessful surgery and a speedy recovery. Your blog is in good hands with Shannon but I will miss your posts too.

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