Special Moments


Of all the photos I took at the library, this is my favorite.  It reminds me of the visits Baby Girl and took to the library.  There is nothing quite like sharing a favorite children’s story with someone special.

Speaking of Baby Girl, this last week she fell and broke her right arm.  I know this is one of the requirements of being a child, but it was really hard…on her mother, her father, grandmother…and even her older brother.   She was very brave,  The good news is the arm was set, cast, and she is practicing “walking”, as opposed to her normal run, skip, and jump,  and wearing a sling.    The thumbnail captures the inevitable wait to see the doctor in the emergency room.


2 thoughts on “Special Moments”

  1. We are glad Baby Girl is doing well. Perhaps you can take her to the Library and read some books while she is slowed down.

  2. What a capture! Both those pictures tugged at my heart in all that they expressed.
    Hope Baby Girl is holding up okay. I know for sure that she will get lots of TLC.

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