Baby Carrots


Well, not really.  The blossom just looks that way now.  It’s a plant that likes semi shade, grows from a bulb, and is suppose to help deter moles.   I bought the bulbs last fall and neglected to get them in the ground.  I found them in Febuary and  to my surprise they managed to come up this spring.  I’m anxious for them to bloom.  In the meantime, I look for the name in one of my books.

2 thoughts on “Baby Carrots”

  1. Never have seen these kind of baby carrots. They’re quite pretty. I’d guess it’s too early to determine if they deter moles. And if, indeed, they deter moles, how would you know? There wouldn’t be any moles around to tell you. 🙂

  2. Good Point Jacob. I think to go with the baby carrot plant, Norma should drink a bottled beer; and then plant the bottle toward the prevailing wind. Moles supposedly don’t like the sound the whistling makes. Besides she gets to enjoy the beer!

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