Introducing Shannon


This is a picture of Jessica, aka Jdog, and Wylie, my next door neighbors.  I’ve posted pictures of these two best buds before.  Today I’m sharing their picture to introduce their mom, Shannon, who will be a guest photographer here at on Sundays until the 22nd of May, when she will fill in for me each day while I recover from surgery.  I hope you will stop in and say hello.

That’s right!  As of this minute, barring unforseen complications, I will be having a reverse shoulder replacement at the University of Washington on my right arm, May 26th.   I’ll be in Seattle a week, then home for awhile for recovery.  Shannon has graciously agreed to share her photography of Sequim with you during this time.  I’ve been given instructions not to tell you she is a great photographer.  Well, I think she is pretty darn good…and besides that, I couldn’t ask for a nicer neighbor.  Thank you Shannon.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Shannon”

  1. Norma, is this the same injury you had while visiting México? Regardless of where or when, I’m sorry that you have to endure surgery; it’s not a fun thing to do! I hope that all goes well and that the pain is minimal and soon over.

    The dogs look like they’re having fun! I posted a dog photo today, too. Come visit Isla!

  2. Norma,
    Sorry to hear that you have surgery coming up. Will miss your photos, but how nice to have a friend to fill in. Good luck and may God be with you.

  3. Norma, our thoughts & prayers will be with you for this surgery! This can’t be fun but hopefully the result will successful. I think our Spring is finally arriving so hopefully your friend can capture some good Spring in Sequim shots? Welcome to Shannon!

  4. Terrific action shot and I think you have a fabulous neighbor friend.
    Sorry you have to go through surgery in May. I pray that it will get rid of the pain.

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