Sequim Vacumn and Sewing Center


Sewing Vacumn and Sewing Center, aka the Bernina shop, aka “Karen’s”, has long been a fixture in Sequim.  In the last year or two Karen has added a line of fabrics.  It is a pleasure to visit her shop and peruse the different shades, tones, and patterns.  Her batiks are always a favorite and you can never go wrong with a Hoffman.  Notice I didn’t feature a picture of a sewing machine or a vacumn…but they do have them!   And they have Don, the repairman.  Don not only repairs sewing machines and vacumns, he also fixed the switch on my hot wax machine.    When I visit a quilt shop, it’s like an artist’s date.   Click on the thumbnails to see a close up of some of the batiks.

bluebatik.jpg   pinkbatik.jpg   greenbatik.jpg

2 thoughts on “Sequim Vacumn and Sewing Center”

  1. Thanks, Norma, for sharing one of my favorite places in Sequim, too. I love spending time with Karen and the other quilters. You can always count on a giggle or two when you are in the quilt shop. We all seem to need a fabric “fix” occasionally so you can find me at Karen’s several times a week.

    Happy sewing.

  2. Just scratching the surface of your blog. love it already. I’ll be at Centrum in Port Townsend in November, and am happy to already be in touch with Karen of “Karen’s Place.” Thank you for such a positive note on her shop. May see you there in late November.

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